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Modular homes are constructed in one, two, or three separate units, or "modules". Each module is then shipped to the buyer's site and securely connected to form a complete, permanent structure.

Our modular homes are designed and built for a lifetime of use. 2X6 walls, fully insulated, completely painted and finished with carpet, linoleum, doors, trim, electrical wiring, plumbing, and appliances.

The Migrant Housing Program is a cooperative project between:

  • Oregon Housing & Community Services,
  • Oregon Department of Corrections, and
  • growers throughout the state.

The program was created to provide affordable housing for migrant workers while employing inmates at the Snake River Correctional Institution in meaningful work in accordance with Oregon's Measure 17.

Measure 17 states "All inmates of state corrections institutions shall be actively engaged full-time in work or on-the-job training."

The inmate employees of this program are talented and skilled. They have completed the Construction Trades Program offered at the Snake River Correctional Institution by Treasure Valley Community College. The skills learned in this program benefit both inmates and the community.

To qualify for the purchase of a migrant house, buyers must meet all requirements of the Oregon Housing and Community Services Department (OHCS).

The Farm Worker Housing Tax Credit Program has limited tax credits available each year and they are awarded and used in a timely manner to provide new or rehabilitated farm worker housing for the current or upcoming agricultural season.

We have three great styles of modular homes available. Once a modular home style has been chosen, we will submit the information to the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) to finalize your contract. It is then sent to you for signature. When the signed contract has been returned, we will send you a binder filled with information about the sequence of events. We will also send monthly email updates on the progress of the house once building has begun, including photographs when possible. You can call to check on the progress of your new home at any time.

We can provide you with names of people who have benefited from this program.

Note: Oregon law prohibits out-of-state sales of products made by inmates of the Department of Corrections.

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